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Thank you, dear friends, from the bottom of our hearts, for your many years of loving support. WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU THAT ALL OF OUR HEALTHY BOOKS AND OUR MINI DREAM BOOK ARE SOLD OUT. We know thousands of you have found our Healthy Books helpful to your business. You've loved them and we've loved creating them but, we realize it's time to say farewell to our Healthy Book project. (Please note, we will NOT be able to authorize any other person or organization to reprint our books.)

We chose to do this book project as a tribute to you, the field, and Dr. Shaklee. As we've given our time and talents, we've been blessed a thousandfold. Every time we received a note telling us how the books helped improve your lives and/or businesses, our hearts were filled with gratitude. Thank you... Thank You... THANK YOU... for the part you played by sharing these stories of inspiration with others. You're THE BEST!!

Each of these booklets contains over 100 testimonials
shared from the hearts of those who have benefited from
using our natural products. An extensive subject and
product index helps to locate specific information on
wellness issues. The Common Ailments Section includes supplementation suggestions from Canadian wellness coach and nutritionist, Martha Willmore. And finally, the Lifestyle Section is filled with stories from successful Shaklee Sales Leaders. Who knows, the Shaklee lifestyle and benefits might be perfect for YOU and your family.

Mix and match all From the Heart Series titles to receive quantity discounts! It's our goal to keep our booklets as affordable as possible so you can easily share them with friends and family who might benefit from these stories. Since our original book, Healthy Kids, was introduced in 2000, the price of our books has remained the same even though printing costs have gone up.

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In a warm, friendly style the Dream Book presents
the benefits of changing brands. This clever little tool
is the perfect follow-up to the From the Heart booklets.
Even the newest person can use this little book, without
training, and get positive results. The mini version,
5 1/2" x 4 1/4", is available in English.

While supplies last, the Dream Book presentation can
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Sample Testimonies

#3 Our second child was born shortly after our introduction to our business
26 years ago. We've had 3 children since then. We often refer to them as the
BS babies (Before our company's name) and the AS babies (After our
company's name
). Our 2 oldest didn't have the advantage of our wellness
as part of their diet during the first years of their lives. We
considered them normal children with sore throats, ear infections, and
childhood illnesses. That hasn't been the case with the younger three. Scott,
Sindi, and Shane, at ages 21, 19, and 14, have never taken medication of
any kind for anything. We can't say that about the older 2. The younger three
have never had strep throat, ear infections, and such. If they "try" to catch
something, they may have a day or two of feeling less than 100%, but a boost
to their supplement program handles it. These three children started on our
wellness products
at birth.

The AS children have fewer sports injuries and recover quicker from the ones
they do receive. Not bad considering the AS kids have all played three
sports a year since they were old enough. In fact, one time Sindi was
carried off the soccer field with what the trainer called a "season-ending
injury". He told her it would probably affect her basketball season, too.
After x-rays and the orthopedic diagnosis were complete, the doctor agreed
with the trainer. Sindi simply said, "We'll see!" She was back on the
soccer field within 2 weeks, and missed only one game. There was another
time when we met her at an emergency room only to hear her tell the doctor
she didn't need any medicine. Mom was on the way and would have what she

We've kept the children on a healthy diet with plenty of supplements. We've
not had to deal with a lot of the "normal" health issues common in other
families. Shane came home at 13 and asked what an ear infection felt like.
Since he had never had one or seen anyone in our family with one, he didn't
know how to sympathize with a friend. Once again we realized how blessed we
were to not have to cope with what most people consider norm.

We are very thankful we were introduced to our wellness company. What a
blessing it has been to our family. Our children's healthy lives are a testimony
to the difference that it has made.

Judy and Harold Stem

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#5 Our daughter developed rheumatoid arthritis at 13. Before that, she was
very athletic and one of the finest sprinters in junior high. One day after
diving and swimming practice, her knees became swollen. She was rushed to
the hospital and diagnosed with this horrible disease. Doctors put her on
aspirin which, in time, created a large ulcer. We had to carry her to her
second floor bedroom and take her wheelchair to school, wheeling her to
first period.

She began taking these products: Protein, Multi-Vitamin, B, C-SR and
lots of Alfalfa. She stopped aspirin and started to walk and feel better.
Encouraged by her improved health, she willingly used the supplements. Just
8 months later she was back on the track team in high school! One summer at
camp she stopped taking our natural products, her legs stiffened up and the
symptoms returned. When she got back on lots of product, her health returned.
Amy stayed healthy and even competed in triathelons (swam, biked and ran)
and other strenuous activities. She admitted to slacking off on her wellness
when at 32 her legs began to ache and she again needed crutches.
With lots of Alfalfa and large amounts of the other products, she was able
to run, swim and bike plus raise two active preschoolers. With Amy's
experience, we've helped hundreds of other arthritics through the use of
these miraculous products: Protein, Muti-Vitamin, EPA, Alfalfa, B, C-SR,
E, Cal Mag, GLA and Lecithin.

Jack & Joan Nelson

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#35 Thanks to Shirley Koritnik for this helpful information. Sharon's expanded story follows.

Sharon Panuska has ADD, and her daughter had terrible ADD/ADHD to the point of not being able to attend school successfully. As a nurse, Sharon was
initially skeptical of a "nutrition solution", but tried our products because her
daughter was no longer able to be on the medication she was on. In a short
time her daughter was acting NORMAL, and has not had another problem in four years! Even better, she's now an A-B student who is very savvy about her
nutrition program. So Sharon is passionate about helping other parents
figure out if their child has ADD/ADHD or if it's something else. Her
experience is that it usually is something else--food allergies, nutritional
deficits, etc.--and that schools and doctors are too ready to prescribe
Ritalin and other drugs.


I'm an adult with ADD but was never diagnosed. Scanning my old report
cards, I see "doesn't concentrate, can't stay on task, has focusing
problems". All I knew growing up was that I seemed to be on a different
page than everyone else.

I'm the mother of 2 girls. Niki is 21 and I'm soooo proud of her. She is
in Military Intelligence with the Army and is fluent in Russian and Spanish.
With the physical and mental challenges she faces, she grabs a handful of B
Complex and knows she can get through anything.

Then, there is Kristina, my 13 year old. Diagnosed at 4 with ADHD, I knew
from birth she was different. The doctor put her on Ritalin but it didn't
work. We tried something else but she was getting worse. I was in nursing
school and studying everything on ADD but having no success.

At 7, medication kept her from sleeping so we had to put her on more
medicine to sleep. She would disappear in the middle of the night. Often
we found her on her bike. She developed ODD. Screaming episodes would last
for hours plus head banging and destroying everything in her path.

At 10, she developed bipolar, became suicidal and was flunking school.
Either my husband or I had to watch her through the night. Medicine wasn't
working. After much soul searching we decided to put her in a mental
institution to get her stabilized and give us a chance to regroup. When she
came out we tried another drug but she was developing liver problems.
God answered my prayers when a woman came to me who knew I was teaching
ADD programs at 2 colleges and asked if I'd be willing to explore a nutritional
approach. I investigated the company and took Kristina off her medicines. The
doctors called me an unfit mother and said she would get worse.

Well, 3 ½ years later, my daughter is on the honor roll and shows no signs
of ODD or bipolar. She was allergic to many things in the home and also
hypoglycemic. The vitamins help her think and control herself.

Depending on how she feels when she awakens, she picks out which
vitamins to take. Her basic program included 2 Multi-Vitamins, 3 GLA,
4 Lecithin, 3 Ginkgo biloba, 3 B Complex and Soy Protein. And, we changed
brands throughout our home. The biggest culprit is the laundry. She still has
ADD but I've taught her adaptations to compensate.

As a nurse, I would have never believed this but I have my daughter back
and she is a pure pleasure. Her doctor is awestruck and sends his clients
to me for evaluations and ideas.

I continue to teach ADD/ADHD with an emphasis on nutrition and alternative
solutions. Who knows where my daughter would be or in what condition if we
had continued the drug approach? Thank you!

Sharon Panuska

Here's an interesting fact - According to Sharon, most moms with ADD kids
are using Tide and Bounce!

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